Visit of the National Police of the Slovak Republic

A high-ranking delegation from the National Police of Slovakia, leaded by its director, Colonel Dr. Vladimir Durisin, visited SMEDDS from June 27 till July 1, 2005. They went to various points of interest throughout Switzerland and attended some of our trainings. Furthermore, we arranged a "mondioring" training for these esteemed guests to present this sport discipline by the head coach René Sagarra. Mondioring is not yet known in Slovakia.

Our visitors had the chance to meet with Swiss Police Officers and to see how we do our public duties, to witness hectic work inside a command post and to look at its modern motor pool. Moreover, they attended a weekly training session of the famous police K-9 unit. The company watched and listened critically to the demonstrations, and left fully convinced of what they observed. Especially the K-9 job - after hard bite, back to friendly situations - and the training conditions of the detector dogs surprised them all.

On behalf of the Slovak Minister of Interior, Dr. Durisin awarded to our President Kurt Schmid a medaille of distinction for his services in favour of the police cynologie. Director Durisin expressed their intention to deepen the cooperation between its police department and SMEDDS and to expand respective synergies. A next workshop has been agreed to coming September.