The Swiss Mine & Explosive Detection Dogs Society - SMEDDS has been founded by six experienced working dog handlers on July 1, 1999.

The founders and leading members of SMEDDS are certified dog handlers and instructors with the Swiss Army (Dave with the Canadian Armed Forces) or Police Departments, served in the Balkans for international missions  (OSCE or UN), and have extensive experience with patrol dogs, avalanche and rescue dogs, tracking dogs, drug detection and mine & explosive detector dogs.

They regularly participate in sport K-9 competitions as well as certification tests for official bodies (military or law enforcement agencies). Its field of operations contains besides sweep operations or support to law enforcement agencies consultancy and management mandates, instruction courses, etc.

Some of our leading team members are in supervisor missions in UN mine action centres or act as special advisers to state authorities in the implementation of new dog training facilities and programs. Our main challenge remains preventive bomb sweep prior to political or economic meetings on higher levels, big public events, assistance to protection details and search missions after bomb threats.