What do you think that the Explosives Dogs do?

They are trained to "sniff out" different explosive chemicals. During their extensive training, explosives scents are imprinted into the dog's memory and the dogs are trained on every type of explosive.

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Are bomb dogs addicted to explosives?

No; it is like the drug dogs, the dogs sniff those scents and are rewarded after with a toy.

How long can dogs search for explosives?

It depends on local weather conditions, heat and humidity; normally, they work for 15 - 20  minutes, then they rest for approx. 15 minutes and work again for a similar period. A bomb sweep is hard work!

What breed is best for detection dogs?

The Belgian Malinois!! Most popular are German and Belgian Shepherds, Labradors, Border Collies, Retrievers, Spaniels and Airedale Terriers. There is no specific breed desired. Important is the dog's "drive" to go for its toy! Some departments work with "dual-use" dogs (patrol and detection) to keep the budget low....

Did any bomb dog blow up during a K-9 search operation?

Yes; there was a homemade bomb outside the Italian Consulate in Barcelona blown up after a detector dog nudged it with its nose (2005). No other incident known so far.

Can dogs replace high-tech, computer based detection machines?

No, but both together are efficient tools to find even smallest amount of any explosive materials.


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