Our Services

Individual and selective training programs for:

  • all service & working dog related issues, incl. basic patrol, rescue and detection dogs, explosives, mines, drug, cadaver, accelerator, tobacco, etc., anti-terrorism K-9 units
  • intensive training courses for dog and dog handler
  • instructor courses
  • individual program management
  • Global exchange of all anti-terrorism (AT), explosives and mine relevant data,
  • Quality assurance and operational supervision;
  • Services to public and military authorities;
  • Mine awareness-programs.
  • Site surveys
  • Sophisticated K9 projects

Special Operations and Missions:

Complete coverage of all security relevant procedures to organizations and individuals with high risk events, travels or conferences, public and sport events and entire buildings and property protection,  including

  • Risk assessment specialists
  • Bomb Dog Teams, Patrol Dog Teams and Drug Dog Teams
  • EOD Teams (Combat Engineers) with Improvised Explosive Disposal training,
  • Bodyguards, Close Protection Teams
  • SAR  Teams with certified Search Dogs,
  • COMSEC- & SIGSEC-Units,
  • Combat Divers,
  • Medical assistance, etc.

    Please contact our team leaders for further information and quotations.