Other K-9 activities

Our teams are in other K-9 activities involved with its bomb dogs. Explosive detection remains the main task for SMEDDS, but for various reasons - like a change in the challenge for both dog handlers and dogs - and for pure economic purposes, the canines are cross-trained in detection and patrol work and some have been in real rescue operations after earthquakes in other countries or avalanches in our beautiful Swiss Alps, search operations for missing people (man trailing).

We all attend regularly refresher courses for those operations to achieve best results in competitions, validation tests or even real missions.

Note: Explosive detector dogs cannot be trained - or at least we do not - to detect narcotic substances, tobacco, cadavers, etc.



Fight against terrorism

To support and assist various police departments in its global fight against terrorism, we provide a specialized K-9 training for such missions. These dogs are highly educated in apprehension and patrol work while each canine is able to sniff any explosive devices. These teams are assigned to AT units and perform its duties in a unique and sophisticated manner.