We rely on explosive detector dogs

We increase safety in endangered areas

Our vision

To be the keystone of the international humanitarian demining community that is pre-eminent in the world, known for both the high quality of its dogs and the excellence of the services.

To support law enforcement agencies in its daily anti terrorism/force protection and security engagement with qualified explosive detection canines and excellent military working dogs worldwide.

Our mission

We support the security and demining community (Governments, NGOs, Armed Forces, Commercial Companies, etc.) by

•           providing accurate, highly trained mine and explosive detection dogs;

•           selection and education of appropriate, suitable local dog handlers;

•           conducting comprehensive activities in the field of those K-9 teams (training, instruction, assistance, examinations and field operations)

•           conducting expansive functions related to IED, bomb detection and demining activities (search operations, quality assurance, analyses, mine surveys, supervision, etc.).

Our core beliefs and values

Canines that improve the safety of any individual and assets in mined areas or bomb endangered zones.

How we do our work:

•           personal and organizational integrity,

•           considerate and thoughtful to the canines;

•           careful selection of local dog handlers;

•           professional implementation of our instructions;

•           teamwork throughout the Security & Demining Community;

•           innovating in all our tasks;

•           accepting accountability for our actions;

•           continuous improvement in all that we do;

and remaining a non-profit association!