SMEDDS can provide experienced security professionals to supplement an organization’s staff during a time of crisis; provide armed or non-armed facility protection; provide executive protection services and conduct area security surveys and assessments.

SMEDDS security professionals are ready to deploy worldwide under normal, austere, or wartime conditions.


After completing the security survey, SMEDDS can provide consulting services and assist the facility's management team in developing countermeasures to mitigate vulnerabilities. Our security consultants are seasoned professionals on matters concerning Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP).

SMEDDS can guide the staff in developing a tailored security program which encompass the following: threat analysis, physical and electronic security, base defense, countermeasure implementation, access and perimeter controls, emergency response planning, training exercises, security force training, security force management, Explosive Detection Dog integration, and other principles of security. SMEDDS can also provide short-term, aggregate and strategic planning for required resources to support the security program.

Personal Protection

Our number priority is the protection of the principle, whether abroad in high-risk countries, or within a low threat area, SMEDDS can provide experienced executive protection (EP) personnel. The EP specialist is trained in threat analysis, movement planning, threat recognition and suppression, and hazard/risk mitigation. Whether armed or unarmed, the EP specialist will facilitate and execute premier protection with International, National, Federal, and local law enforcement agencies.

Facility Protection

A professional security program can promote long-term cost savings, facility security as well as peace of mind for the customer. SMEDDS can establish and conduct a contemporary facility protection program for complexes of all sizes. SMEDDS can tailor a facility protection program to address threats such as terrorist groups, criminal organizations and gangs, insider sabotage, corporate espionage, pilferage, vandalism, and left/right wing political groups.


Security Surveys

SMEDDS can conduct a security survey which recognizes gross vulnerabilities (those vulnerabilities that can kill/destroy personnel and assets) and can immediately implement and develop countermeasures to mitigate threats. During the survey process, SMEDDS focuses on a variety of areas to include but not limited to, physical and electronic security measures; terrorist opportunities; facility structure protection; infrastructure redundancy; and the development and refinement of long-term countermeasures. The security survey concludes with a mitigation plan which addresses present and potential future threats, risks, and hazards. Our cadre of experts are certified and trained in Antiterrorism/Force (AT/FP) Protection, and have years of experience, and have served in high-risk positions.

Special Missions and Tasks

SMEDDS undertakes special missions on behalf of the client and carry out various tasks worldwide. Assorted global points of contacts enable SMEDDS to establish and maintain specific relationships, commence critical negotiations and act accordingly to patron’s needs.