Joint Bomb Dog Training / AFB Payerne

30.April 2001
SMEDDS organized a Joint Bomb Dog Training with almost all Explosive Detection Dog teams in Switzerland at the Swiss Air Force Base Payerne.

The participating K-9 teams are with various Police Departments in western Switzerland. These 23 bomb dogs, mostly German and Belgian Shepherds’ and three Airedale Terriers of SMEDDS staff, impressed the invited guests by its high quality of the capability to detect even very small amounts of different explosive substances in hidden places. Surprisingly for some, the entire training was dominated by professional and smooth handling of the dogs - no noisy commands or yelled corrections - and everybody did feel the close relationship between handler and dog.

Guests were from United States and Swiss Governments, all related to Law Enforcement or Military Agencies. Bomb dog trainings are, due to its sensitive character, not for public display and normally, trainings are carried out of approx.
5 - 8 K-9 teams only.